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  1. It might seem convenient for Mormons today to dismiss this teaching as only speculation but it seems to fit in with Mormon doctrine concerning how God created and peopled numerous planets/worlds , so with that as a foundation to work from it does’nt seem all strange to hear of early Mormons teach that the Moon was peopled also. I think that the answer to this is that Mormons believed this doctrine simply because they embrace their leaders claims to be trustworthy guides in spiritual matters. I enjoyed the article. WW

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each of your articles. What a blessing!
    Please put D&C or BOM cites in the text so that they can be learned quicker.

  3. Really enjoy this blog… well researched and indexed… find it valuable for research I am doing for a book on U.S. Senator Thomas Kearns of Utah… thanks

  4. I would like to offer you the opportunity to read my controversial new novel, A Mormon Massacre, absolutely free. The book is available on Amazon. Here is a little information about the book:

    This modern-day novel is informed by the actual massacre of 150 innocent Americans allegedly by Mormon zealots in the Utah Territory in September of 1857. This reigned as the largest mass slaughter of Americans by Americans until the Oklahoma City bombing, excluding the Civil War. In present-day Nashville, Tennessee, Jeremiah Cameron grows up with a prejudice against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the murders in 1857. Many Camerons died at the hands of Mormon assassins at Mountain Meadows.

    Jeremiah’s hatred multiplies when his father, Luke, informs him that his mother suffered abuse at the hands of her Mormon husband after being forced into marriage at twelve years old. Due to his father’s association with the Mormon Victim’s Action Committee, Jeremiah gets an opportunity to go undercover in hopes of exposing Mormons as abusers. With his father’s encouragement and the knowledge of his mother’s horrific experience, Jeremiah accepts M-VAC’s offer to train and insert him into an LDS community.

    Jeremiah’s objective broadens when he sees more than he expected. Now he wants to expose the entire Church as a violent and dangerous fraud.

    If you are interested, let me know which format you would prefer (Kindle, Nook, pdf, Word).Thank you.

    Joe Rinaldo

    • Wow, wouldn’t the world be a much better place to raise our family if we could do away with the Mormons. I don’t doubt for one moment that there are not parts of our church history that I would be ashamed of. The church is made up of imperfect individuals with free agency.
      What I d o know is that member of the church are not blood thirsty and evil. There might be individuals members who are, but the majority are trying to be good citiizens, parents, and neighbors. They try to follow the Savior example.

      • Mike,

        Are you being sarcastic? You must be, because I’ve never even implied on this blog that I would like to “do away with the Mormons”. I too, have no doubt that the church is made up of imperfect individuals with free agency, however, many of those “imperfect individuals” claim to have power of discernment, to be “prophets, seers & revelators”, and make comments such as this, by the late Marion G. Romney:

        “What we get out of general conference is a build-up of our spirits as we listen to those particular principles and practices of the gospel which the Lord inspires the present leadership of the Church to bring to our attention at the time. He knows why he inspired Brother Joseph F. Merrill to give the talk he just gave. He knows why he inspired the other brethren who have talked in this conference to say what they have said. It is our high privilege to hear, through these men, what the Lord would say if he were here. If we do not agree with what they say, it is because we are out of harmony with the Spirit of the Lord.” (Marion G. Romney, Conference Report, October 1950, p.126)

        This leaves little doubt that these men believe that they are “inspired” to say what the Lord directs them to say, and that if the membership of the church does not agree with that, it is they who are “out of harmony”, not the “imperfect” leaders. Have Mormon leaders been “bloodthirsty and evil”? I guess it depends on what you think that means. For example, was it bloodthirsty and evil for Brigham Young, when visiting the Mountain Meadows site in 1861 to say that “the Lord” had taken vengeance on those innocent immigrants from Missouri who were only passing through Utah Territory? As Wilford Woodruff recorded:

        “We visited the Mountain Meadow Monument put up at the burial place of 120 persons killed by Indians in 1857. The pile of stone was about 12 feet high, but beginning to tumble down. A wooden cross was placed on top with the following words: Vengeance is mine and I will repay saith the Lord. President Young said it should be Vengeance is mine and I have taken a little.” (Scott G. Kenney, ed., Wilford Woodruff’s Journal, 9 vols. (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1984), 5:577).

        Do you think it would be considered by any to be “evil” and “bloodthirsty” to say that if you intermarry with blacks that the penalty should be “death on the spot”, as Brigham Young did? That in order to get your Temple Endowment you had to swear an “Oath of Vengeance” against the United States of America to “avenge” the death of Joseph Smith? Granted, this has been changed, but as Marion G. Romney affirms, this is what “the Lord” wanted to have done in His Church. What I advocate is being open and honest about Mormon History and Doctrine. The Church has shown little interest in doing so, and their recent attempts (if you want to call it that) are a far cry from that.

        I find that there is a world of difference in what many members think about the church, and what the leaders teach, who are the ones with the “authority” and “keys” to do so. These men call themselves the “Oracles” of God. In 1892, “apostle” Joseph F. Smith gave a discourse titled “Blind Obedience” but still claimed that those who criticize leaders are “evil”, and the “spirit” will not remain with those that do not “honor” them:

        “There are also evils existing among this people. One of the faults of the Latter-Day Saints is the lack of regard for the authorities of God on earth. Go where you will in the world and you will find one man’s opinion is held as good as another’s, and no one is held as a leader who is inspired of God, but every man is for himself, and his thoughts and actions are for himself, and no where is there to be found in the world outside of the Latter-Day Saints, an authority acknowledged to be God given. And for this reason the world is divided—a house divided against itself, and it is inevitable that a house so divided cannot stand, but must fall. We have then a mission to perform in bringing mankind to a oneness, and to live for one another. Anything that tends to unite the people together comes from God; everything that tends to divide the people comes from beneath. Anything that has a tendency to increase in our hearts an affection for order is from God and will be beneficial to mankind; and anything that is opposed to this is not good, for it tends to divide a house. There was a time in the church of Christ when I think the authority of the whole priesthood was more thoroughly acknowledged, when it was held in higher esteem, and when it was treated [p.103] with more respect than it is today. I have seen the day that when he who was the mouthpiece of God was held in higher esteem and reverence, not only by the twelve apostles but by all the church, when esteem and deference was uniformly paid to those who held positions in the church. In the days of the prophets Joseph and Brigham, every man holding the priesthood moved in harmony with the authorities of the church. It is not so today. Is this a healthy condition? You can answer for yourselves. I have never seen the day yet when I undertook any business, either temporal or spiritual, that I did not first go to my file leaders and consult them as to the propriety of the act.(Joseph F. Smith, July 17, 1892. Brian Stuy, Collected Discourses Vol.3, p. 103).

        The Leaders of the Church today, still advocate this doctrine. You can claim that they are “imperfect”, as Joseph Smith did when he said,

        “I never told you I was perfect”, but Smith also said “but there are no errors in the revelations that I have taught.” As Joseph also said, “I have the truth, and am at the defiance of the world to contradict me if they can.” (April 6, 1844)

        This “defiance” that the PRINCIPLES of Mormonism are true, regardless of the “imperfect” vessels, is what many Mormon Authorities constantly teach. Some examples,

        We have ever been loyal both to our State and Nation, as well as the Church of God, and we are at the defiance of the world to prove to the contrary. (Joseph F. Smith, Conference Report, April 1905, p.46)

        This has been proved wrong by his own testimony at the Reed Smoot Hearings, by the many Diaries that have been released, and other documents. More “defiance” to prove them wrong:

        Joseph Smith said, “I saw two glorious personages–the Father and the Son. They were in the form of man, and they spoke to me.” That was the greater part of the revelation embodied in Joseph’s first vision; for it restored the lost knowledge of the true God, after which the world, with its vain philosophies, had been groping for ages. It revealed anew the sublime fact that man is verily the child of Deity, and can become, by development, like unto his Father and his God. It taught the great truth that man is divinity in embryo, and capable, by education, through human experience, and by obedience to the principles of eternal progress, of rising to the plane whereon stands the Universal Father, who desires to make His children equal with Himself, and to put into their possession all things. What is there unphilosophic about it? What is there contemptible about it? What is there unreasonable about it? You earthly parents expect your children to become men and women like yourselves. You know that it is only a question of thee, when, if they live, your little toddling children will become men and women, and will marry and have children of their own. Why, then, should it be deemed unphilosophic for man, the child of God,–man and woman, male and female,–to become like their Father and their Mother in heaven? We are at the defiance of the world to prove this doctrine unphilosophical. (Orson F. Whitney, Conference Report, October 1907, p.51).

        I am at the defiance of the world to find any other people superior to the Latter-day Saints. I am not speaking now of “Mormons” who do not keep the commandments of God. (Heber J. Grant, Conference Report, October 1922, p.186).

        President Woodruff may or may not have known that George Q. Cannon signed a recommend on his [Franklin Bramwell’s] behalf at this same time for a plural marriage to be performed in the Logan Temple, but there can be no question that in October 1894 President Woodruff personally authorized Apostle Abraham H. Cannon to marry a new plural wife: “Father [George Q. Cannon] also spoke to me about taking some good girl and raising up seed by her for my brother David…. Such a ceremony as this could be performed in Mexico, so Pres. Woodruff has said.”211 Six months later, Wilford Woodruff gave a newspaper interview: “I hurl defiance at the world,” said President Woodruff, “to prove that the manifesto forbidding plural marriages has not been observed.” (Salt Lake Tribune, 9 May 1895, p. 8, D. Michael, Quinn, Dialogue, Vol.18, No.1, p.62 – p.63).

        Of course Woodruff was proved wrong. This was even admitted (finally) in the new doctrinal essays just posted by the church at lds.com, though it was denied and suppressed for years.

        The Catholics have many pieces of truth; so have the Protestants, the Mahometans, and Heathens; and am I to embrace one of these systems because it has got certain things that are right? No. Suppose a person should tell me that two multiplied by two makes four. Well, that is right. I believe it with all my heart. But suppose he believes and teaches also, that six and four make twenty, and exhorts me to believe it, saying—I was right in the other calculation, did I not prove the other to you? O yes, but you did not prove that six and four make twenty. I will take out the truth and leave the error.

        Then you believe that we, as “Mormons,” have got truth ? O yes, I do, and for this reason, I have travelled extensively in most of the States of the Union, and in Canada; also in England, Ireland, and Scotland; in the Isle of Man, Jersey, and other islands of the sea; in France, Germany, Belgium, and other parts of the earth; and I have not yet seen a man that could find one error in doctrine or principle connected with the religion of the Latter-day Saints. I do not talk of practice. God knows there is too much delinquency among us. I speak of principle. Then if you have got a thing that nobody can overturn, but can be sustained everywhere; that bids defiance to the wisdom and intelligence of the world to find one fault in it, you must say it is right, until it is proven to be wrong.

        Can anybody prove to you that two multiplied by two makes six? There are certain things which are matters of fact—two multiplied by two makes four, and two parallel lines infinitely extended will never meet at right angles, but run to eternity. These truths demonstrate themselves, no man can alter these matters of fact. And if I have got principles which are out of the power of man to prove false, [p.156] I consider they are right, and I stand upon them as a sure foundation. (John Taylor, Journal of Discouses, Vol. 1, p.155).

        Just ONE fault, says Taylor. Just one! Haven’t we seen far more than this? And are those who point out what they BEG to have done, (to prove them wrong) to be criticized and accused of persecution because we do so?

        I am at the defiance of the rulers of the greatest nation on the earth, with the United States all put together, to produce a more loyal people than the Latter-day Saints. Have they, as a people, broken any law? No, they have not. Have the United States? Yes! they have trampled the Constitution under their feet with impunity, and ridden recklessly over all law, to persecute and drive this people. Admit, for argument’s sake, that the “Mormon” Elders have more wives than one, yet our enemies never have proved it. If I had forty wives in the United States, they did not know it, and could not substantiate it, neither did I ask any lawyer, judge, or magistrate for them. I live above the law, and so do this people. Do the laws of the United States require us to crouch and bow down to the miserable wretches who violate them? No. The broad law of the whole earth is that every person has the right to enjoy every mortal blessing, so far as. he does not infringe upon the rights and privileges of others. It is also according to the acts of every legislative body throughout the Union, to enjoy all that you are capable of enjoying; but you are forbidden to infringe upon the rights, property, wife, or anything in the possession of your neighbor. I defy all the world to prove that we have infringed upon that law. You may circumscribe the whole earth, and pass through every Christian nation, so called, and what do you find? If you tell them a “Mormon” has two wives, they are shocked, and call it dreadful blasphemy; if you whisper such a thing into the ears of a Gentile who takes a fresh woman every night, he is thunderstruck with the enormity of the crime. The vile practice of violating female virtue with impunity is customary among the professed Christian nations of the world; this is therefore no marvel to them, but they are struck with amazement when they are told a man may have more lawful wives than one! What do you think of a woan having more husbands than one? This is not; known to the law, yet it is done in the night, and considered by the majority of mankind to be all right. There are certain governments in the world, that give women license to open their doors and windows to carry on this abominable practice, under the cover of night. Five years ago the census of New York gave 15,000 prostitutes in that city. Is that law? Is that good order? Look at your Constitution, look at the Federal law, look at every wholesome principle, and they tell you that death is at your doors, corruption in your streets, and hell is all open, and gaping wide to inclose you in its fiery vortex. To talk about law and good order while such things exist, makes me righteously angry, Talk not to me about law. (Brigham Young, Journal of Discouses, Vol. 1, p.362).

        The Mormons broke many laws in the Utah Territory. From 1862 on, they continued to practice polygamy, even though it was against the law. That didn’t stop Wilford Woodruff from proclaiming that they could continue to do so, and that God would uphold them and that the US could never win against them:

        But the set time has come to favor Zion, and the Lord Almighty has decreed in the heavens that every weapon formed against her shall be broken. And if we take the history of any man, from the days Joseph Smith received the plates from the hill Cumorah, and translated the Book of Mormon by the Urim and Thummim, until to-day, whoever has raised his hand against this work has tell the chastening hand of Almighty God upon him; and I am at the defiance of the world to show me a president, governor, judge, ruler, priest or anybody else on the earth who has taken a stand against this kingdom who is an exception, and you may search their whole history. We have outlived several generations of our persecutors. Where are the men who tarred and leathered Joseph Smith in Portage County, Ohio? Where are the men who drove this people from Kirtland? Where are the men who drove the Church and kingdom from Jackson County, Missouri? Where are the men who undertook to kidnap the prophet while in Illinois? Where are they who drove the Latter-day Saints from Illinois into these mountains? Trace their whole history and see for yourselves. The fact is many of them are in their graves, awaiting their final judgment. And in the whole history of this people and their remarkable preservation, the invisible hand of God is as plainly to be seen as it has been in the history of the Jews from the days of Christ until now; and it will continue until this scene is wound up. (Wilford Woodruff, Journal of Discourses Vol. 15, p.9, (1872)

        This statement was just patently untrue. Even Gov. Lilburn Boggs survived his attempted murder and lived a long time afterward. He retired on a ranch in California, dying at the age of 63, which was above average for those days. Symonds Ryder, who supposedly led the assault on Joseph in 1832, lived to be an old man also. He was 78 when he died. I can go on and on. Interesting that it would be Woodruff who had to obey the Federal Government just 18 years later and abandon polygamy.

        We do not take it as expressive of a high and lofty mind to be combative, to court discussion, but we are at the defiance of the unbelieving world to prove one principle of our fundamental doctrines, revealed to us in this age by Joseph Smith, or by Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, that is not in perfect harmony with the highest conceptions and the most pure natures the world ever had, and is not in perfect consonance with the declarations of holy writ. We have had men contradict us, we have had people tell us that we are duped and led astray, but their simple assertions are of no weight or value unsupported by legitimate argument. (George Bywater, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 20, p.243, June 29, 1879).

        Why is it that much of Mormon Doctrine is not found in the Bible? I have had many conversations with Mormon apologists who have told me this very thing. But according to Mormon “prophets”, Mormonism is much better than anything that those who follow the Bible embrace:

        Now, people take a great deal of pains to try to interfere with us in our marital relations. What have they got to give us in exchange outside of these things? O you Gentiles, present us something superior to that which God has revealed, and we will embrace it. But you cannot do it. We are at the defiance of the world to bring forth any better, purer or more exalting principles. What would they give us in return for that of which they seek to despoil us? Would they introduce all the institutions of a pseudo-Christianity, with its prostitution, the houses of assignation, its social evil, its foeticide and infanticide and the political and social hypocrisy and depravity, and its debauching, demoralizing, [p.5] and corrupting influence, and call this a fair return for virtue, purity, honor, truth and integrity? Would they induct us into some of the principles advocated by some of their leading ministers of using the sword, the bayonet, and the cannon to extirpate what they term heresy, set man against his fellow-man and deluge the nation in blood? (John Taylor, Journal of Discourses, vol. 24, p.4, February 11, 1883).

        Who was Taylor speaking to? The world, as it’s so called “prophet”! Everyone else are just “Pseudo-Christians”! Mormon “authorities” have ever been at the defiance of the world to prove that they have what no one else does, that their way is better, their principles more sound, their doctrines unassailable, and that they speak FOR and AS GOD. History, is what can do this. History is what reveals all. Mormon leaders embrace the D&C which says whether by my own voice or the voice of my servants IT IS THE SAME. So why do Mormon “prophets” lie? Why do they commit perjury? Why do they institute racist doctrines and instigate vengeance oaths and bloodthirsty rhetoric? History tells us. In direct contradiction to what Taylor says above, Thomas Marsh testified that,

        “I have heard the Prophet [Joseph Smith] say that he would yet tread down his enemies, and walk over their dead bodies; and if he was not let alone, he would be a second Mohammed to this generation, and that he would make it one gore of blood from the Rocky mountains to the Atlantic ocean; that like Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was, ‘the Alcoran or the Sword.’ So should it be eventually with us, ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword.’ These last statements were made during the last summer. The number of armed men at Adam-ondi-Ahman was between three and four hundred.” (History of the Church, Volume III, Footnote from page 167).

        To follow the Savior’s example is to admit the truth. Though many honest Mormons have done so, Church leaders have not. (Denials, We don’t know’s, and obfuscation, claiming “folklore”, etc., are not the truth). The only way to change that is to confront them with the truth. This is for members of the church to do, as we have seen recently in Sweden and other places. The world is always a better place when that happens, even among the Mormons.

  5. I’d like to publish an image from your web site as an illustration in a book. Do you grant that kind of permission? Thanks for your time!

  6. Hey Grindael, I saw your reply to my comment on Bill Reel’s Adam-God podcast, and I wanted to reply, but the site is having issues. I just wanted to say it’s been a long time (several years) since our last discussion on Adam-God over in the Mormon Matters podcast comments. I’ve come a long way since then! Anyways, it was nice to run into you online again. I was also curious what else you’ve found that Anson Call falsely remembered (he clearly screwed up trying to remember that conversation with Joseph that I mentioned)?

  7. Hi, I am seriously dying to know where you found that photograph of Hyrum Smith? With his drawn on eyebrows, I am wondering if this was before or after he presented section 132 to Emma Smith (the connoisseur of eyebrows in her day), “Hey you don’t have any eyebrows Hyrum, let me fix that!” Hahahahahaha…. or he just did it himself, Joseph F Smith’s brows are nearly nonexistent in other photos of him…

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