Triumphs Of The Mormon Faith

“Let the Sots combine …With Pious Care a Monkey to Enshrine!”


Several verbal statements agree in establishing the following fact.

That on Saturday night March 24th a number of persons, some say 25 or 30, disguised with colored faces, entered the rooms in Hiram, where the two Mormonite leaders Smith and Rigdon, were sleeping, and took them, together with the pillows on which they slept, carried them a short distance, and after besmearing their bodies with tar, applied the contents of the pillows to the same.

Now Mr. Editor, I call this a base transaction, an unlawful act, a work of darkness, a diabolical trick. But bad as it is, it proves one important truth which every wise man indeed knew before, that is, that Satan has more power than the pretended prophets of Mormon. It is said that they (Smith & Rigdon) had declared, in anticipation of such an event, that it could not be done — that God would not suffer it; that those who should attempt it, would be miraculously smitten on the spot, and many such like things, which the event proves to be false. (From theObserver & Telegraph, Vol. III. No. 6, Hudson Ohio, April 5, 1832. No. 6.)

There will be more about this in an upcoming article, ‘His Heart Failed Him’ , which will deal with the reasons behind the 1832 assault on Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon. The picture above is my remake of the one found in the 1834 publication, Mormonism Unvailed by Eber. D. Howe.

4 thoughts on “Triumphs Of The Mormon Faith

  1. I like the look and layout of your new blog. The falling snow is a nice touch too. I’d heard of Smith being tarred and feathered, but the details are new to me. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Merry Christmas!

    • The falling snow is a WordPress option they offer every year until about the 5th of January. I thought it a nice touch too. Thanks Leslie, for the comments about the New Blog. I too, really like the new layout, and will be transferring all the old articles from the old blog. There will be lots of my original artwork to go along with the articles also, including many historical pictures and maps. The story of Smith’s assault in 1832 is fascinating. If you don’t know much about his attempted castration, you will, once I finish the article. I have gathered together all the sources I could find (new and old) which will present the incident (I feel) in the most well rounded way ever attempted. Many have described the attempted castration as an “afterthought” of the mob, but I don’t see it that way. Stay tuned. There may be other articles that I add before I’m done with the 1832 assault, but it’s coming soon. ~grindael

  2. Grindael, I also think the layout is good and I always enjoy your articles on Mormon
    history. There’s so much the Mormon people have’nt been told , and there’s much
    that investigators need to to see in order for them to know what their getting into etc.

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